Welcome to Crossword Heaven, a crossword clue search engine by a crossword aficionado. I'm trying to add as many tools as I can to help both crossword solvers and crossword constructors. The main tool is essentially a crossword dictionary, letting you search for clues you can't find the answers to. It has over a million entries of clues alone, not to mention almost every word in the English language. Unlike most clue search engines, we have both a pattern matching search for matching a word pattern and a search including the clues.



The database has 2,158,079 crossword clues.
There are a total of 245,208 unique words.
Seen in 50,938 different crossword puzzles.

Remember that this site is still very much in beta, which means its not complete yet. The answers will not be as good as they're going to get. If you see any weird search results please let me know by emailing me at comments@crosswordheaven.com so I can investigate and try to fix it.

Site News

  • June 11, 2011
    New features!

    I've just added a new feature to the site, a word search page where you can put in a pattern and see what words match it. It's not perfect yet, but it might help you to find the answer for some clues that we don't have in the database.

    I've also done a lot of backend changes to the site, please email me if you think you found any problems! However due to some of the changes I had to migrate to a different server resulting in a few minutes (less than 20) of downtime. Apologies to anyone who got an error trying to access the site!


Latest Submitted Clues

Clue: Focus related condition: abbr .
Answer: ADHD
Clue: Colorful aquarium fish
Answer: TETRA
Clue: Mount St Helens. e.g.
Clue: British singer egot winner John
Answer: ELTON
Clue: Field trat dusted with cinnamon sugar
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